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Matarstóll - DanStol - Grár
Matarstóll - DanStol - Grár
Matarstóll - DanStol - Grár

Matarstóll - DanStol - Grár

Verð 19.900 kr

Make your little one comfortable and safe during mealtime with the DanChair. This high chair comes with a strap, brace, and harness to secure your child while using it. The extra long feet prevent the DanChair from tipping off and ensure maximum stability and safety. You can use the highchair for most tables because of the adjustable seat height and footrest height.

Stærð: 83x49x57cm

  • Suitable for child from approximately 6 months old and until adulthood
  • High chair with brace, strap, and harness
  • Adjustable seat and footrest to fit your child as he or she grows
  • Brace and strap can easily be mounted and removed without tools
  • Maximum stability and safety

All BabyDan highchairs, Danstol by BabyDan and Angel Feast by BabyDan comply with the standards and have passed a long series of safety tests. These are tests that are designed to determine whether the highchairs can withstand any imaginable scenario they may be exposed to in the course of normal usage. Including a test of the safety belt, which is examined in a number of ways.

The chair itself is also tested in all conceivable ways with a set of different break strength tests. The Danstol range is tested with a pressure of 100 kg, which far exceeds the standard for this type of test.