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You can give your little one a comfortable night’s sleep all year round with this mattress. It’s a flippable mattress with two sides to suit the season. In that way, you can ensure great comfort for your child no matter the weather. One of the sides is made of wool to give a soft, warm feel during the colder months. The other side is ideal for warmer months because it’s made of flax, which is great for ventilating and leading body fluids away from the child. The mattress has an antibacterial cover that reduces the appearance of dust mites. Thanks to the zipper, you can easily remove and wash the cover.
stærð: 40 cm X 84 cm
Þykkt: 3 cm

The cover is made of 76% polyester and 24% cotton. The mattress is made of T18 foam with sheet and wool sewn onto the mattress