Jafnvægishjól - Blátt
Jafnvægishjól - Blátt

Jafnvægishjól - Blátt

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The Little Dutch 12-inch balance bike is the perfect first bicycle! This balance bike is a safe and durable balance bike.

Riding a balance bike is ideal for the development of control and balance. Perfect as a stepping stone to a bike with pedals.

The frame of this balance bike is made of steel, provided with a scratch-resistant and environmentally friendly coating. The bike has 12” rubber tyres.

Available in blue and pink

-    Dimensions: 53 x 15 x 85 cm
-    Weight: 5.2 kg
-    Steering height adjustable: no
-    Saddle height adjustable: yes
-    Frame material: steel
-    Tyre type: environmentally-friendly rubber
-    Bell: yes
-    Size wheels: 12 inch
-    Coated with environmentally-friendly paint.

85 x 15 x 53 cm (lxwxh)